How to have Right Mouse Click trigger F19 keyboard shortcut and then Shift+S

Hello fine ladies and gentlemen! I am still very new to KBM. How do I make a hotkey for F19 when I Right Mouse Click? And then have it trigger Shift+S?

In other words: Right Mouse Click ("USB Receiver Button 2") executes F19 then Shift+S

Program: Cubase 12 Pro
Situation: I recently switched to Cubase for tracking drums, and their system for comping takes together is the dumbest thing you, or I, or my chihuahua could ever have come up with. I've been working hard on a fix for all the problems, but basically all my problems will be solved if I can make F19 followed by Shift+S happen when I Right Mouse Click.

I think I've figured out how to make this happen only in Cubase

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

You can make a macro group and make it active only in Cubase 12 Pro.

In it, you make a macro and add the USB Device Key trigger and right click to create the trigger and then add two Type a Keystroke actions, once for F19 and one for Shift-S. Depending on the behaviour of the application in response to F19, you may need a Pause action between the two.

Note that the USB Device Key trigger detects but does not swallow the right click. So the right click will continue to perform its normal operation (typically showing a contextual menu) and this will continue unchanged despite the macro, which may affect how well this macro resolves your issues.