How to improve a beginners understanding of macros?

I have difficulty understanding most macros,

So it would be good to hear anyones recommendations on how to improve a beginners understanding of reading and creating macros?

I asked this question as a reply in a different post, but I thought it would be a good question to create a new topic from, just in case there are other people like myself who have difficulty, reading and creating the most basic macros.

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I will suggest that you start out making small macros, which solves a little problem you have.
And from there you can improve your skills and make more complex macros, when the need arises.

Also ask in the forum. Just remember to describe what you need to achieve with the macro and share the macro you have made already.

And if you want to invest some money, you could buy the Macsparky Field Guide about Keyboard Maestro: Keyboard Maestro Field Guide | MacSparky Field Guides


I would experiment as much as possible to make 5 basic concepts feel familiar and natural:

Named strings and expandable tokens in strings:

  1. Named strings (Keyboard Maestro variables)
  2. Special general %patterns% in strings which KM can automatically expand with particular context-sensitive content for you (Keyboard Maestro tokens)

Sequences, branches and loops:

  1. Sequences (first one KM action then another, perhaps with a Pause or Pause Until action in between)
  2. Branching on tests (KM If then else actions)
  3. Looping (KM For Each named string in Collection actions)

+1 for MacSparky


Hi @keithrego21. I replied in the other thread before I saw this one.

If or else problem - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse

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