How to insert Ctrl, Option, Cmd keys in Insert Text

I'm new to KM and loving it so far.

I'm stumped though and can't find in the documentation on how to perform a task. Essentially I'd like to replace the Home key with the "Ctrl+a" text. However when I try to type that keyboard text into the "insert text by typing" field, it doesn't show up. Typing "^a" into that field doesn't work either.

Please help.

To be sure. You mean this does not work?

Following on from @Frankb, perhaps you mean you want to use the "Home" key as an equivalent to hitting ⌃-A on the keyboard? In which case you want a "Keypress" rather than a "Type text" action:

Type the keystroke as normal to put it in the box, ie, hold down Ctrl and hit "A".

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@Frankb's suggestion should work according to your request but in case what you're actually trying to do is to simulate pressing ⌃A, then... Oh... @Nige_S beat me to it. :joy:

Ninja-ed! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

I am just curious. Who guessed correctly :joy: :innocent:

Just a followup, how can I delete the actions I tried but didn't work from the macro? Below I just Disabled them since I couldn't figure out how to remove them. This is trivial to just create another macro correctly, but what if I had a long macro and I messed up one step?


Nige_S won.

Not obvious, but easy once I do it. And I see that I could also Cut from the top menu.

you can also drag an drop.
And if you want do delete a macro (not an action) then it's cmd+backspace, not obivous too :slight_smile:

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Also the "-" button underneath the macro at the bottom of the Editor window will delete the currently selected action.

I know it's a common refrain when it comes to software, @Mikebee, but it really is worth having at least a skim of the KM manual -- it isn't just a list of menu commands (like so many so-called manuals) but a well-written and very good (and searchable!) set of instructions, capabilities, examples, and suggestions. Time spent reading it is quickly earned back, and every one thing you look up will probably give you two ideas for other things you could do to make your computing life easier.

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Thanks for that advice. I actually am working alongside the manual and couldn't find those items listed, and really did search on them. I'm one that likes to read manuals, and also try small short tasks to see if I understood. But those 2 items had me stuck, so wanted to reach out so it didn't keep bugging me. :slight_smile: