How to interact with this radio button

Howdy folks, I'm hoping some of the JavaScript gurus might be able to chime in here.

I'm trying to select this radio button as part of my workflow, but Keyboard Maestro's native Set Radio Button action is not able to find it in the drop-down and my JavaScript skills are essentially non-existent. I would like to use JavaScript (or some other method) so as to be able to set it in the background.

Let me know if any further information is needed such as a screenshot or something else.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


<div class="form-check ng-scope" ng-repeat="item in vm.dispositionOptions">
	<input class="form-check-input ng-pristine ng-untouched ng-valid ng-empty" type="radio" name="Successful Call" ng-value="1" ng-model="vm.dispositionSelected" style="float:left;" value="1">
	<label class="form-check-label wordwrap ng-binding" for="1">Successful Call</label>

You can try the following to see if it works. It will select the radio button with the value of "1".

(() => {
  const selectedElement = document.querySelector('input[name="Successful Call"][value="1"]');
  if (selectedElement) {
    selectedElement.checked = true;

Hey that works with the page I saved to my desktop. I'll test it out on the live version this afternoon and report back. Thank you!

EDIT: @macdevign_mac thanks for the help, that works great!