How to keybind command to a key on my keyboard

I have icue software for my corsair keyboard but I cant keybind command

is it a limitation to the trial?

You haven’t identified the hot key within the macro.
Where it says Type. Click the command key and 2.

i did type command nothing happens

what I need is a command just cmd I dont want cmd+2 I need just command

Doesn't work that way. The keystroke may include zero or more of the normal modifiers (Command, Option, Shift, Control), together with another key (such as a letter, number, function key or other keys).

is there way to keybind command

Depending on what you are doing, you can use

Too many shortcuts use the cmd key, so consider yourself warned. :grinning:

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Further to @kcwhat's suggestion, I use Karabiner Elements together with an Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and by specifying the USB Device Key Trigger I can get a macro to trigger using the left or right Command key. This is what it looks like:
KM 0 2021-10-04_18-48-20

If you specify USB Device Key trigger and then type the Command key on your keyboard, what happens?

I would also advise you to not put the macro in the Global Macro group as it would then trigger every time you press the Command key. It is better to put your macro in an app-specific group, so it's only active when the app you're interesting in controlling with the Command key is frontmost.

thank you for help ill try it out