How to kill the process ""


I've searched all over, but none of what I've found has helped me yet.

I simply want to force quit the process "".

I've tried using the Execute Shell Script, but I'm way out of my depths here & everything I've tried has failed.

Can anyone offer any help? Is it even possible?

Thank you so much!

You've got the right action. Try running "killall [your process]" in it.

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Hey Doren,

You do realize that the Activity Monitor app can kill processes – yes?

Google is your friend on stuff like this.

Searching for "mac kill process" quickly gets you here:

And of course lists a lot of other stuff...

@mrpasini is quite correct.

kill and killall are the canonical commands for this sort of issue.

kill requires a PID number, but killall can make due with the app name. If there are any spaces in the app name they must be properly escaped, or the entire name must be quoted.


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