How to know which If statement is true without opening them all up?


Please see the image attached it's about to get messy with about 400' if statements' in here!
Is there a way to check which if statements are' true' without having to open and check each one? like a colour that appears on them everytime they are 'true' (maybe) we can submit this as a feature request.

if any of you are asking why I am doing this PM me and I will tell you. No, I am not crazy :slight_smile:

Your image didn’t come through. But it doesn’t need to, because the answer is no.

As I can’t see your image, I’m not sure what you’re doing, but I’d like to point out the “Switch” action, in case it’s useful in your situation.

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Hi Dan thanks for the message. Switch allows for multiple sub if statements to go under the same heading right? I will look into this.

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Could you add this to the next version?

Could who add what to the next version?

Dan, I think what @demirtas1 is asking for is for the KM Editor to color the Actions where the IF Action is currently true.

He says he has about 400 IF Actions. I can’t begin to understand how that would happen.

@demirtas1, if you really have that many IF/THEN Actions, then may I suggest that you rethink your macro logic. Most likely this needs to be data driven using a “For Each” Action. But I could easily be wrong. Perhaps if you posted an example of several (just 3 or 4) IF/THEN Actions and what you are trying to achieve, we might be able to suggest some alternatives.


@demirtas1 so why are you doing this? :slight_smile:

That's exactly what I would like KM to do, and hopefully Peter will bring this in the next version.

Noted, but I would not hold your breath.

Checking the condition of closed actions is potentially very problematic for macros with large numbers of computationally expensive conditions.