How to Launch Macro at Calendar Event alert

Hello All,

I would like to launch a macro at a calendar event what I like to be notifiied for. To be more specific, I would like to set my Mac’s computer volume to maximum and play a song loud, because the default alert sound is not heard when I’m in the garage. Is this possible with KM?


You used to be able to add an AppleScript to a calendar event, but Apple removed that option.

You can open a file, which means you should be able to create an AppleScript applet (saved as a runnable application) and have the event open that application, which will trigger the macro.

I believe you can also create Automator calendar events, and Automator can execute AppleScript which can trigger a macro.

Alternatively, you can use to Time trigger in Keyboard Maestro to trigger a macro at a specified time every day, and have the macro test the DAY(), MONTH() and YEAR() function to determine whether to perform the desired action. Remember that the Mac must be awake for a macro to run.

The AppleScript code for triggering a macro is shown in the trigger section of the macro.