How to launch the engine from Alfred?

Sometimes I quit the KM engine to check things. Afterwards I want to launch the engine again - is there a way to launch it straight from Alfred? I would like to avoid launching the editor, if possible.

As a first attempt, I tried in the Terminal open "/Path/To/Keyboard Maestro Maestro Engine", but somehow this didn’t work…

It looks like you've just got a few extraneous entries on your path. This shell script works for me in both Alfred, LaunchBar, and the terminal, and assuming you also keep the KM editor in your system Applications folder, I would think it should work for you too:

open "/Applications/Keyboard Maestro"

And here's a screenshot of the (extremely simple) workflow I set up in Alfred that uses it:

Thanks Gabe.

You are right, the path to the engine was wrong: I had used the path to the engine shell script inside the Engine app. Just opening the (outer) Engine app works perfectly.

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