How to Limit The Results Of KM's Trigger Macro By Name Function


Is there a way to limit the results of the Trigger Macro by Name?

For example, I have 10 macros with the word 'Gmail' in their names. The majority of these macros have their own Hot Key Trigger. Only 3 of them, the least used, don't have a keyboard shortcut. So, I call them with Trigger Macro by Name and type 'Gmail'. But, of course, all the 10 macros appear in the results window. How to display only the 3 least used macros in the search window? I know I could do that by removing the word 'Gmail' from the names of the 7 other macros. But I don't want to do that. So, is there another solution?



Cary, Try assigning them all to one key command like "^G" (CONTROL-G)

Then depending on how they are named you can select the first letter of the name that's different for the first letter that is next in the alphabet.

Here's an example...


Tunes, I know this method (use it for a bunch of macros) but I want to avoid another Hot Key Trigger. Thanks anyway!


What?! Sacrilege! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are currently no controls for the Trigger Macro by Name action - all active macros appear. So the only way would be to deactivate or disable the other macros first.

Maybe add a unique name/character to the name of these 3 macros?
Something as creative as "GmailX"
Or, something more universal, like “NHK” (for no hot key). Then you would type “nhk gmail” (you might only need the first one or two characters of “gmail”

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Thank you! That’s a neat idea! I will explore it.

Hey Cary,

Yes – you can filter them.

Name:<your_seach_spec> hotkey:<your_seach_spec>

Remember that filter labels can be abbreviated:

n:clip h:⌃V

See the Wiki for the available filter strings.

There is no way to automatically bring up the Trigger Macro by Name action with an active filter, but it’s not too hard to type them when you’re there.

Since I use Typinator I can create text-expansions for regularly used items.



Chris, thanks for sharing that. I did not know the Trigger by Name could be filtered.
Very cool!

Thanks, @peternlewis, for another cool feature. :thumbsup:

That’s indeed… great! I didn’t know either that this works with the Trigger Macro by Name. Thanks for the info!

Whenever possible, I like consistency.

The same search mechanism is used in the editor Search/Filter field, Smart Groups, and Trigger Macro by Name.


Indeed, that’s a really great hidden trick! @ccstone thanks for pointing out this feature. Will be useful. And thanks @peternlewis for the consistency :thumbsup:

Many thanks for using this design philosophy, Peter.
This is one of the things that makes an app intuitive.
It is amazing how many app developers today don’t follow this.

I was trying to accomplish something similar. Making a trigger macro by name action that would show all macros that pertain to the frontmost application - like a Sublime Text command palette for every app.

I tried this, but it didn't work. Can typing into the Launch Macro By Name field not be automated?

Don't know why I chose to come back and read this old thread but sometimes gems pop up. I was actually going to suggest Typinator as it has a lot to offer.


Typinator has excellent synergy with Keyboard Maestro.


I have a rather long list of “Trigger Macros by Name” and I wanted to see all the macros displayed.

I succeeded by accidentally typing “:”

Are there other shortcuts for “Trigger Macros by Name”?...

The canonical method of displaying all is using the search string:


Thanks... :+1:

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