How to locate KM with finder

I want KM to startup with login. It is not located in my applications folder. I read that I should use the finder to locate KM, but I do not know how to do that. I just upgraded.

If the editor is running, then it will show up in the Dock.

If the engine is running and the editor is not, then select Launch Keyboard Maestro Editor from the Keyboard Maestro statue menu at the right of the menu.

Once the editor is running, control click on the Keyboard Maestro icon in the Dock, and choose Options ➤ Show in Finder.

If neither is running, use Spotlight to search for the Keyboard Maestro application.

If the application is not the Applications folder, then quit the Keyboard Maestro editor and engine, and then use the Finder to move the Keyboard Maestro application to the Applications folder.

Then launch the Keyboard Maestro editor (which will launch the engine), and then in the Keyboard Maestro Preferences, General, enable Launch Engine at Login.

Read the Quick Start for more information on the editor and engine and how they relate to each other.

So simple. Thank you

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