How to Lock Screen

Hello. I'm sorry for my poor English skill.

I want to Lock Screen by using KM keyboard shortcut. (Not only sleep, lock)
I know it can select Apple logo mark on the left side of the menu bar β†’ Lock Screen.
But, how do I set Apple logo mark on the menu bar in KM?

Thank you.

Hi, @gagasyou. Try these two steps:

  1. Follow the instructions provided here: Require a password after waking your Mac - Apple Support
  2. Download, install, and execute the following Keyboard Maestro macro.

Download: Mac Display Sleep.kmmacros (1.8 KB)


-- or --

Download, install, and use this macro:

Download: Mac Lock Screen.kmmacros (1.6 KB)


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If you go to the Gear button menu in the action, you can select Help from the bottom of the menu, which will take you to the Select or Show a Menu Item action documentation on the wiki.

That includes:

For menus in the Apple menu, use the title β€œApple”.

So just use β€œApple”.


Thank you so much!! Perfect!!! very very happy.


Thank you so much!! perfect!! I used second macro. This is very simple.