How to loop thru window and click?

Hello, I want to loop thru windows of one application
and click some location inside each of them, but
excluding one main window(which has different title),

I can loop thru
and bring it to front and click it,

but I found no way to exclude a certain title of this applications?

You can use a If Then Else action with a Front Window condition of "the title does not contain (case insensitively) a specified string".

Hello, thanks.
But I don't want to bring that window to front, generally
I put this window in background, if use this,
it will blink into the screen, and also I need to dismiss it
after that which is quite irritating.

Well, when you click on a window, it will be brought to the front.

Yes, so I don't click it.
Let's say I have window1, window2,window3
I only click window2,window3 and exclude window1