How to make a Ulysses-specific inline Markdown URL?

Ulysses uses a special proprietary way of making an inline Markdown URL that embeds the URL in the title. I'm trying to automate the process of creating Markdown-formatted lists of URL from Safari tabs, but have been frustrated trying to create the Ulysses-formatted version. Is this even possible? Has anyone done it?

Hey Domenico,

Please provide a working example of the Ulysses format.


Well, that's the problem. It's a proprietary variation on Markdown where the URL is embedded. It's not simple text so I can't just paste it into this window and if you don't have Ulysses, it wouldn't do any good to send you a Ulysses text file.

Hey Domenico,

Then it acts similarly to a RTF link?

If so it should be possible to work with.

Download this little utility and scope-out what the link looks like in the clipboard.


I couldn't paste the results in because of formatting issues, so here's a screenshot of what that utility gave.

You can use Code Block.

Are you looking to be able to trigger the macro and get Tab1, Tab2, Tab3, … as the Ulysses form of:

  • [Tab1 Title](Tab1 url "Tab1 Title")
  • [Tab2 Title](Tab2 url "Tab1 Title")
  • [Tab3 Title](Tab3 url "Tab1 Title")

  • ?

This applescript may help

Yes, I’m trying to get the Ulysses-specific form of the link, which embeds the URL.

Getting the links in Safari into the clipboard I already have covered. But once on the clipboard I need to parse them into the Ulysses format.

Could you share how are you getting them to the clipboard?
I fear the problem will be with the slightly wonky ways Ulysses deals with text, but I'm curious how you're getting links in the first place.

I cribbed the important bits of this from somewhere online (sorry, I wish I'd kept track of where), but the key is that last action. I'd rather find a way to put it into the the Ulysses proprietary format rather than plain Markdown.

So I figured out a more brute-force way to fix the URLs in Ulysses. After they’re pasted in standard Markdown formatting (e.g. Title ), I select the URL inside the parentheses and activate my macro which does the following:
Forward Delete (to remove the parentheses)
Delete (to select the [Title])
Cmd-k (which removes the hyperlink)
Cmd-k (which adds it back with the box for entering the URL open)

I also put .1 second pauses in between each step. It’s a kludge, but it works for now. I do wish I knew a way to auto-select the URL so I could automate the entire process.

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