How to make KM shortcuts not searchable?

I would like to make some shortcuts that are not searchable (and I’m a total newbie). Is there a way to accomplish this?

Hey Jenn,

What do you mean not searchable?

Not findable in the Keyboard Maestro editor?

Can’t be done.


Hey, thanks for responding Chris. Yes, what we are trying to accomplish is that individual employee’s can have their own shortcuts (in their own folders), but not all employees would see them when searching for a shortcut based on a key word search. Is there any way around this? Appreciate any help.

Hey Jenn,

There's no way to do that with a normal Keyboard Maestro installation in a single-user environment.

You'd need to have different users assigned to different employees, and have them log-in to their own user.

The only other method I can think of is to separately load different Keyboard Maestro preferences for each employee.

It would be complicated – someone would have to administrate – and it wouldn't stop a knowledgeable user from snooping around if they wanted to.


Thank you so much for the advice!!