How to Make Macro: CMD + Enter >> Double Click on Selected Item

I've made a macro that double clicks where the mouse pointer is currently pointing, but I'd like to make it so it would double click on the selected item (e.g. in Finder).

Any ideas?


On my system, a double-click on a Finder item opens that item.
⌘O also opens the item.
So perhaps you don't need a double-click in this case?

Running macOS 10.12.6.

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By double-clicking on an item in Finder, am I right to assume you're hope is to open the selected Finder item ? If so, you don't need to employ a double-click; you can use the Open File action instead:

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Wow, I had no idea ⌘O did that! Now I feel dumb. That's all I wanted, for when I'm in a 'keyboard only' mood.


elohimito - Never feel dumb. When I found this page, it blew my mind.
Check it out all these shortcuts -

Some of these made my Keyboard Maestro life way more productive.

Good luck!