How to make page stay in front?

is there any way to make a page stay in front all the time? for example. if I want a not to stay on the page even when I have clicked on another application such as internet explorer.

Hello Ayman,

You haven’t described your process fully enough for us to advise you.

What page in what app?

Internet Explorer is not available on OSX, unless you’re running Parallels or another Windows emulator.

Please provide more details.


sorry for the late reply.

I mean any page in any app. in autohotkey there was a script to make any page that you are currently on stay on top when you press the hot key. For example, if I pressed it while on the notes app, than that app would stay at the front no matter what other apps I clicked on. this was handy so that I could copy something into another app from the notes page. It was as if a real physical sticky note was stuck onto your screen.

Hey Ayman,

You can’t make one application float above others with Keyboard Maestro.

The best you could do is use an Application trigger and a Focussed Window trigger to force the current app and window to stay in front – but that would keep you from being able to work in any other app.