How to make sure not to switch to one open window of the app when switching to the app?

I am running an app called MindNode. With this app I always have one document open always full screened. The document's name is thinking.

I sometimes have two documents open of this MindNode app and I want to make a macro that will always open MindNode and switch focus to the document that is not thinking unless it is the only document that is open by the app. Can I do this?

In short I want to expand this simple macro that switches focus to the app but takes into the account the condition of not switching to thinking in cases where 2 or more documents are open.

I'm not entirely sure if this will work, as I don't have MindNode myself and can't test it, but try adding this action after the "Activate MindNode" one and see if it does the trick:

If Then Else.kmactions (1.5 KB)
00 AM


Thank you @gglick

Works perfectly well.

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