How to make the macro "always" running

I am not sure if it's a good idea, maybe "always" running / detecting at background that it will used up the system resources / speed.

Anyway, It's a very simple request that I need to switch to “English” keyboard every time that the certain websites opened so that I can input my username and password.

I made it look like this, it works only ONCE. I understand. to make it "always" working?
Thanks in advance.

I believe the only piece you're missing to make this more automatic is the "focused window title changes" trigger:

Add that trigger to your macro, change your If/Then to "any of the following" instead of "all of the following," then add as many website titles as you want to the If/Then and I think you should be good. As far as I'm aware this trigger doesn't use up any more background resources than any other trigger, so there should be little to no effect on your system from using it.

Thanks so much. yep, it works as wish now.

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