How to manage multiple URLs and post titles?

I run a blog and I’d like to have a quick way to keep track of all my post titles and urls (sometimes I want to send someone the URL, other times I want to generate a markdown link with title + URL). I currently have set up textexpander shortcuts for each url and a variant of those for each markdown title+url, but I’m wondering if there is a better workflow with KM (maybe something like a pop up menu that would let me filter/choose among a list of posts, and then select either the title+url markdown or just the url.

Any ideas are appreciated.


Does your blog provide you with a list of your posts, or do you have to maintain that in a separate list?

If your blog does not provide a list, can you change your web site to add a "TOC" or equivalent, OR, if not, you could add a blog that is the list, which you maintain manually.

If you have a rich-text hyperlink, I have a macro that can copy it as both a rich-text link, and a plain text Markdown link at the same time.


Thanks Michael, generating the list is not the problem. What I’m trying to find is a way to easily access each article in each of the two forms. For example, I might be tweeting to someone to check out article_x and I want to put the title and URL, later I might be writing in a forum that allows markdown and I might want to reference a different article. I would like to have a shortcut that would show me the list so I could filter it and choose the format quickly.

OK, if the list is on you blog site (or anywhere else), you can have a KM Macro that will display the list. You could then use the Browser Find tool to find the blog link of interest. Then use my above Macro to copy the link.

My macro puts on the same clipboard BOTH the rich-text link, and the plain text Markdown link. If you then paste into a rich-text document, it will paste the rich-text link, and if you paste into a plain text document, it will paste the Markdown link.

Will that work for you?

Ok, so I give it some more thought, and this is what I'm considering doing.

I created a new group, and I set the option to "Shows/hides a palette when", then I plan to create a new macro for each post with this format

Basically, setting a title to a variable, doing the same for the url and then using a nested if action so:

  1. If I click the panel entry, it gives me the url
  2. If I click the panel entry while I'm holding cmd, it gives me the title
  3. If I click the panel entry while I'm holding cmd and option , it gives me the markdown format

Am I missing an easy way to simplify this? (for example, not having to duplicate the same logic in each macro. Maybe there is a way to populate the title/url variables from a dropdown or something like that).

Also, it would be nice if I could search the palette by typing

Wow! That sounds like a lot of work for each post, and then you will have a lot of macros in KM.

If it were me, I’d find some other source to store the post information, and then use KM (maybe with some scripts) to search and extract the desired info.

My preference would be to have all of the blog posts listed on your blog site, so that both you and your readers would have easy access to the list.