How to monitor variable values when running a macro?

I know I can check the current values in preferences-variables tab, but it’s not convenient for me. Would be nice to see the changing values in a seperate small window showing only selected variables’ values, some kind of variable inspector. Is that possible?

Currently the only native way to see variables in real time in Keyboard Maestro is in the Keyboard Maestro Preferences window.

You could write a macro with a Custom HTML Prompt window, which had variables and updated their values in frequently, but I don’t know of anyone who has done this at this time.

Some sort of “Inspector” window is on the todo list, but not done yet.


Thank you for reply, Peter. Nice to see that KM is getting more and more advanced with time!

Hey Dmitry,

Another method is to use a highly scriptable text editor like BBEdit.

You can keep track of individual variable values, and/or log them to show changes over time.