How to open folder in Finder in new window


It's simple to open a folder in Finder but I can't figure out how to open that folder exclusively in a new window which I will subsequently position on the screen. Finder will always open the default folder as defined in the preferences (in my case dropbox) and add the 2nd folder as a tab.

I want to do this in a macro. I don't want to change my Finder settings just for this purpose. I want as a rule to have Finder open new folders in new tabs, not windows.

thank you very much

open folder new finder window $Work_in_Progress copy.kmmacros (22.6 KB)

Just do these and swap those

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thank you but your solution, for some reason, does not work consistently. It's very frustrating.

I didn't follow your action set, I created my own :
myTrial.kmmacros (2.6 KB)

see, is this what you want to do ?

Add 0.1s pause in between

Finder has even set the shortcut for you :
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what do you actually wanna the Finder to show ?

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Yeah that looks good

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it's OK ?
you just want these actions ?

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@Pyxis @RazMastero
thank you both for your post.
I added multiple 2 sec delays.
my objective is to display 2 folders in Finder, side by side (left and right half of the screen)
First folder is fine, but everything is messed up when I display the 2nd folder

you are japanese ?

no, it does not work. Thank you for your suggestions, but let's forge the whole thing. thanks again very much

Using AppleScript on my older system, this seems to work correctly. If trying this, note the macro as shown assumes the Finder is already frontmost.

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thank you for the suggestion. The problem is that it opens windows as tabs, the default. I would like to open each path as a window without changing the Finder default which is open as tab. Otherwise works perfectly.
thanks again @NaOH

~:Music | ~:Downloads.kmmacros (3.7 KB)

2 folders in Finder, side by side
see whether this works for you ?

thank you but I think that you are not understanding my question or the the conversation.

you mean you want to keep the Tab preference selected.
but my default finder setting is new window preferred ?
if so, you need to design the Marcos work inside one window, not two windows side by side within a Tab ?

sorry. we don't understand each other. Please forget about my post. thank you for your efforts

Since I made certain the Finder preference was set to match yours for tabs/windows, I have no idea what could be different between systems that I get two side-by-side windows and you get two tabs.

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There seems to be some confusion as to what the setting "Open folders in tabs instead of new windows" does (it confused me too). It only opens folders in tabs when you Command double-click a folder within an open Finder window.

If you open a folder by the methods shown above they will still open in new windows (not tabs) no matter what you have "Open folders in tabs instead of new windows" set at.

Change how folders open in the Finder on Mac – Apple Support (UK).

I think you must have the following setting on as well?

Settings > Dock > Prefer tabs when opening documents set to Always .

It seems the combination of the two settings causes the behaviour you are getting.

macos - Force Finder to use only a single window? - Ask Different.

To get around this and solve your problem (without changing your settings), in Finder when there are tabs showing there is a menu item Window>Move Tab to New Window.

The below seems to work and opens the two windows side by side, no matter what tab settings are on. (The pause seems to be needed too.)

Open Two Finder Windows Side by Side (to overide all Tab Settings).kmmacros (8.2 KB)

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