How To Organize Your Macros: Keyboard Maestro & Butler: An Integration



Apologies in advance if this is a repeat of anyone else's work. I haven't had time to research the forum.

That said, I developed a system - a system that works for me - to organize my KM macros by integrating KM and Butler. One of the perks of this method is that you can virtually get away with never having to use the keyboard (which I suppose is a plus for some but a negative for others). I personally love to use my mouse w/o having to fiddle with the keyboard.

Below this post is a link to a 4 minute video that demonstrates how I create a KM macro using my system. Note the KM palette called Insert Actions. It sits in a docklet at the bottom of the monitor. This palette is analogous to the Actions tab in KM except my Insert Actions palette has more specificity. Meaning, with a click of the mouse, I can insert a Pause ranging from .01 seconds to 30 seconds. With one click, I can insert an action that Simulates a Keystroke containing Command C, V, F or A; any of the arrow directions or the tab and more. Similarly, with a click of the mouse, I can insert Repeat Arrow L, R, Up or Down, Repeat-Tab, Repeat-Space, on and on.

Unless I'm creating a macro - as I do in the video - I rarely go into KM itself because all my KM palettes are in a permanent 'docklet,' sitting at the bottom of my monitor. They display as soon as my computer boots up. This is where the good graces of Butler. comes into it. There's a lot more to it but demonstrating how a macro is created, in the video below, shows a lot.

Ah yes: The demo that show how the macro is created, is 4 minutes long. An additional 1.5 minutes (5.5 minutes in total) triggers the macro itself, basically showing that it works.

If you don't like Nina Simone, best to avoid the last 1.5 minutes.


If anyone is interested, I'm happy to share more. If not, no worries.


Also a Butler fan. My favorite feature by far is pop-up menus, which aren't all that different functionally than KM palettes, but somehow to me feel much smoother to use. I have lots of KM macros incorporated into Butler pop-up and menu bar menus.



This is powerful. I’m going to investigate Butler and hopefully, your sharing offer still stands. Thank You for showing your technique.



Hi Clint, I am interested in your technique. All the more because I am not a Butler fan. I have Butler somewhere on my Mac and I never used it. I am really impressed by the "docklet" at the bottom of the monitor. If you have different macros to share or an explanation, I am definitely interested.


Happy to, sorry it took me so long to reply. When I think about, what or how to share, I don't know where to start. Are movies okay at this point? I know the KM Forum has changed its policy re this...anyone know...thx in advance


Everytime I sit at the computer I spend at least a few minutes - sometimes hours - adding to my KM/Butler integration. (As weird as this may sound), I sometimes feel like typing is a major chore and so, I can almost do anything by clicking the mouse.

I'll include screenshots in my next reply but butler allows you to place pull down menus around the perimeter of your monitor. It's a very subtle program. At first blush, it doesn't look like much but the deeper you get into it, the more you can do.

Look at the top of my monitor - screenshot in the post.



Halfway way down, actually a little more, do you see the word 'PAL.' That's a pull down menu with all my palettes in them. watch, I'll click on it



whenever I create a KM macro I export is as a trigger file into my trigger file folder. THen, I drag that macro (in the form of a trigger) into one of the pull down menus around the perimeter of my monitor. Butler also has this very efficient 'docklet.' This is what it looks like when you boot up




a tiny arrow that sits anywhere on your monitor. CLick on it and it becomes a mini dock that I like better than the mac dock. Here:




to take these screenshots, instead of pressing command shift 4, I just clicked the icon of a sunrise in my docklet (these are all KM macros that I exported as trigger files, assigned an icon to them and placed them around my monitor. watch:


anyway, I hope that helps...


The crux of it: I export KM macros as trigger files and store them in one 'Trigger' folder. I then drag these triggers into Butler which displays all my KM macros around the perimeter of my monitor, either as words or icons. So: All I have to do is click one or pull down a menu and click.

So: I have a lot of email addresses. If I click on the envelope icon, a pull down menu shows me all the addresses. When I pull down to one of them, that triggers a KM macro that launches a browser, brings up GoDaddy, wipes out the current user name and PW, inputs the current one and brings me to the email address. I also sometimes add prewritten emails. Here: