How to parse User Input space-separated string to a For Each action?

Hi! Let say, we have an user input asking for a space-separated string of values. I want to parse that string and execute action on every value. A piece of the cake, right?

My problem is that I simply can't make it work. For testing I created a "Display Text action" inside a For Each action with no luck at all.

Questions are:

  1. Maybe I am doing a wrong thing? (parse string from the user input and execute action on every parsed item). If so, how to do it properly?

  2. Is my Regexp just bad (I've also tried this one - ([^\s]+) - no luck)

Input string is: some values here
Should: Execute action three times with different values - 1) some 2) values 3) here

Your RegEx is fine. You just need to choose "matching in" in the For Each Action:

I test the above and it works fine.

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Jeez! I know it was close! Thanks a lot!