How to Paste URL with Different Title?

How would I paste a URL that I copied from the browser,
say this URL:
or this one:

To look like this, with a specific title: WSJ or NYTIMES respectively? Basically displaying only the domain name.

That's not really under the user's control. It's formed by the <title> tag in the page's HTML header and not accessible.

Are you always pasting the URL in a particular place or app?

So, I can't create my own tag?
Yes, I'm always pasting into Evernote.

You can save the title displayed by your browser to a variable that you can subsequently run a search-and-replace action on to recast it to your liking and then paste that edit in the application of your choice.

You can create your own rich text hypelink, or Markdown link, using the page URL and any text you like.

MACRO: Set Clipboard to Rich-Text (RTF) Hyperlink & Plain Text MD Link VER 3 [Example]

Thanks. Will try to edit your macro to suit my need. :wink: