How to press and hold modifiers for one action?

I would like to have a hot key to press and hold certain modifiers for an action. The idea would be to have a kind of hyper key.

For example: cmd+f = press and hold cmd+ctr+shift. If I then press "a" it would be the same as if I had pressed cmd+ctr+shift+a.

is this possible? Thanks for your help.

Hey Frank. Remember we had this discussion before? You can't mix simulated and real hardware events with KM. What's the use case? Why not just remap the key command to something else or use a palette? ⌘F would open the palette and a would trigger your action. As I said, it really depends on the use case.

If you really must do it the way you're describing, the only way I know of is to use AppleScript:

Hyperkey Modifiers.kmmacros (21 KB)

Macro screenshot

Stupid me. Of course, with a palette it works wonderfully. I just didn't think about it... thanks @noisneil

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