How to Press the Same Key Twice to Start the Macro?

This key has been used as a hotkey for many other macros, and I use the first letter to start one of them. Is it possible to start a macro by pressing the key twice?

Hi @guxianbang,

Take a look at this sample macro. Looks like it is exactly what you are looking for.

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I tried it and found that if the hotkey is already used as a hotkey for other macros, it will not work. Is it possible to make it effective?

You will need to

  1. Remove the hotkey from the macro. Then,
  2. Move that macro into the macro example.
    • Or you can create an "Execute a Macro" action that points to that macro. Then you don't have to move the entire macro.

To illustrate, here is an example I use:

I can execute different action(s)/macro(s) depending on how many times I press the hotkey.

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