How to put TAB character in "This string is typed:"

To get TAB in the result is %TAB%, but I’d like to have it in the input. For example, can be expended by typing: mmcTAB. How to do this?

Probably the easiest way is to set the trigger to "regular expression match" and write \t to represent Tab, or mmc\t. It would look like this:



So simple. Thanks. Just started using KM. The fact that it works in terminal/emacs, etc… Great!


Keep in mind that Tab can sometimes move focus to a place where Keyboard Maestro cannot delete backwards to delete it.

So for example, if you are in a dialog, and you type mmc[tab] and the tab takes you to the next field (selecting all of it typically), then Keyboard Maestro will simulate four deletes which will delete whatever was in that field (leaving the mmc in the previous field) and then process the macro.

So [tab] is not always a good choice for a typed string trigger.