How to randomly play an iTunes-song & show the title of it


I would like to

  • play randomly an iTunes-song from a certain playlist (triggered by a keyboard-shortcut / hot key trigger)
  • show the name of the song (triggered by another keyboard-shortcut / hot key trigger)

Would this be possible only with KeyboardMaestro or should I start to dig this AppleScript out ;-)?



Well, here's part of it:

I'll see about the title.


%CurrentTrack%name% -

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Hi, Dan!

That works, thank you!
Now I’m trying the second part (the name)…

Great! Use Peter's method:

I was just about to ask how to insert the variable in a message!
Thanks again, to both of you!

With this 2 KBM-macros I can play randomly a guitar-chord, try to guess it and then get the (correct) name of the chord.

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That’s kind of cool, actually. I’ve got more years of experience playing guitar that I care to mention, but I think I’d suck at that game!