How to Read Text in Comments Action?

###Is there a way, using AppleScript or other, to read the text in a Comments action in my macros?

I’d like to build a summary document that documents all of my macros.

  1. In all of my macros, the first Action is a “Comments” action which has the header comments for the macro, describing what the macro does.
  2. I’d like a script that goes through all of my KM macros and gets the text in the Comments action of each macro.
  3. Add this to my summary document.
  4. The summary doc could be any doc that supports rich text, like a HTML file, or a TextEdit RTF file. My ultimate destination is an Evernote Note.

I’ve searched the forum, KM docs and wiki, and haven’t found anything on this.

The key, obviously, is whether or not the KM macro Comments action text can be read.

Any ideas/suggestions?


I think you probably have to read them from the .plist XML

( See, for example:

Wow! Thanks Rob. That is awesome. :sunglasses:

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Hey Rob,

That's very spiffy.   :smile:


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