How to Realize Advanced Use of Drag and Drop

How to Realize Advanced Use of Drag and Drop

I hope to realize such functions in chrome:

  1. When I select a text (or picture), drag and drop it
    At this time, the macro palette will appear where my mouse is located.

In this way, I can do search keywords and pictures. Or save pictures and other operations

  1. When the dragging action is over, the macro palette will disappear automatically, occupying no space.

This will be very efficient.

I like to help, but sometimes I don't understand what is wanted. Usually that's my fault.

Do you want the KM macro palette to appear when you select text? Or when you've dropped it? Or somewhere in between?

Here's another question. If you want the palette to disappear when the drag option is over, how do you expect to click on anything in the palette? The moment you try to click on it it will have disappeared because you have to let go of the mouse, which will end the drag operation.

I have a different possible solution for you. Instead of having the palette disappear during a drag operation, why not have it appear when you press a key? I've tested that, it even works during a drag operation.

have you tried Popclip?

I agree with you that that's probably what the fellow wants. It's not a bad idea or product. I kinda like it and I agree it would be a nice thing to have via KM.

However I would point out that macOS already supports this with the Services menu available in all applications. But it doesn't use a palette, it uses a menu, which is slightly less pretty. I think I've created some services using Automator.

@Sleepy @hello

Thank you for your reply!
I am using Popclip, which has these "shortcomings":

  1. Only text can be selected. After a picture or file is selected, no operation bar will pop up.
  2. Cannot have different operations in different applications

If KM can solve these problems, it will be better than Popclip.

cool to see you using poplcip :slight_smile:
what I think is you can use the same shortcut for many actions, that way when using the shortcut, it'll trigger a macro window with all the actions using that shortcut, from there you can select the one you want to run.

also, Dropzone app can be helpful too, and/or Hazel

What does Popclip have to do with "Drag and Drop", which is the OPs question?


how can we drag the image from our folder and drop it to web interface image upload area automatically using KM?