How to Record Keystrokes Like fn, Control, Option, Command?

Hi guys, new to keyboard maestro and was trying to figure how do you record fn, control option and command? I tried running a recording but when I press those buttons, it doesn't get recorded.

What exactly are you trying to do?

If you want to use them in an Action chose the Action Type a Keystroke and simply type ⌃⌥A or whatever.

I want to for example open spotlight using command spacebar. But when I do a recording command does not get picked up. Type of keystroke I only get the spacebar.

You should manually create the Maco. One action is Type a Keystroke

In the area provided when you choose this Action, just type Command-Spacebar.

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You cannot record just modifier presses, Keyboard Maestro does not bother recording them.

You could record pressing command-Space, but the system steals it before Keyboard Maestro sees it.

As @rlivingston showed, you can use the Type a Keystroke action to type a Command-Space, and this does bring up the Spotlight search input window. BTW @rlivingston, you can control/right click on an action select Copy as Image to get just the image of the action(s), eg:


Also note that the Fn key is not a modifier, so you definitely cannot record or simulate that. The Fn-key is more like a hardware toggle that toggles some keys on your keyboard between two different physical effective keys.