How to reduce palette width

Is there a way to reduce the width of a palette (either for all palettes of that type or just a particular palette)? I need macros available all the time for Mail but I’m on a 13" screen so real estate is precious. I’ve reduced the macro names to only a few characters but the palette is still wide enough to display “Keyboard Maestro” plus the two palette widgets and I’d really rather it was as narrow as possible.

Whoops, I didn’t realise that you could have individual palettes! All my palette macros are in the global palette…

Sorry for the noise :slight_smile:

No problem, it’s worth asking because someone else will find this one day. Post the resulting palette you create so people can see what you are doing.

Er, OK, although I'm not sure how much use it will be :slight_smile:

[Later] OK, so how do I upload an image so that it shows here??? I dragged it into the edit pane but this doesn't seem to have been terribly successful...:unamused:

Hey @SkiAddict,

I see an image. Do you not see it?


I see an image placeholder in Chrome, like this:

but in Safari I can see this image (which I just copied from Safari and pasted into this post in Chrome):

Thanks Dan,

The problem is that @SkiAddict posted a .TIFF file.

I believe only webkit-based browsers will display them.

Posting a PNG or a JPG will probably produce the most reliable result.

I have changed the image in the original post to the JPG you uploaded.


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Many thanks guys! Will try to remember that for next time :slight_smile:


FYI, the standard will clip a user-selected region of the screen to the clipboard in .png format.
(BTW, I can never remember that hot key, so I have remapped it in KM to ^4)

You can then just paste into your KM Forum post, if you are using Chrome.

But this (Paste) works only for Chrome.
For Safari, you have to save clip as a file, and then drag the file to your post.

Thanks – I use Firefox, so it’s not applicable to me, but I’m sure will be useful to others.

Firefox also permits pasting graphics (from the clipboard) and files (copied to the clipboard from the Finder).

I believe the only web browsers that don’t support this are the webkit-based ones like Safari, iCab, etc. (Bad Apple!)