How to Reduce the Macro List in a ‘Trigger by Name’ Macro by Specifying the Macro Group

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Now I set up a macro "Hotkey for trigger macro by name" inspired by D. Das.

( Source YouTube: The 2 Most Important Keyboard Maestro Tips, David Das )

This 'trigger macro' brings up a long list of my macros (depending on the search).


If I put the apps that I want to call up into a GROUP ('Triggered by name group' - they are only 2 at the moment) then is it possible to let KM only show those macros listed in the group instead of the whole lot?


with best regards, Omar KN, Sweden

Yes -- just tell it to by adding the Group(s) to the "Trigger Macro by Name" action. Click the "+" button:

...then select the Group you want -- the Group itself is at the top of each Group's macro list:

And yes, you can add more than one Group to "Trigger Macro by Name".

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Sorry, I can't reproduce it, can you have a look, please:

Trigger Macro by Name.kmmacros (1.4 KB)

You've set the "Trigger Macro by Name" action to only show active macros, but the screen shot in your first post shows the Group to be only "Available in these applications:" with no applications added. The Group isn't available so the macros won't be listed.

Add the appropriate apps to the Group setting, make the Group "Available in all applications", or change the "Trigger" action to show "Enabled" or "All" macros.


Thank you, everything is not easy,
but many things are full of wonder :slight_smile:

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