How to Remap Only Right Command Key (But Leave Left Command Key Same)?


How can I remap only the right-command-key, such that if I press it down it activates another key combination like Command-Option-A.

The left command key should remain a normal command key.

I don't use the right-command-key much and I would like to repurpose it. In fact, I want to do this with the right option key too.


You might find your answer on this thread. It appears to be a very similar question.


I think the best tool for this purpose is Karabiner-Elements.

I set the Left ⌥ to Right ⌥ for an input method need and set Right ⌥ to a mouse key as a KM trigger. This way, I can also use the other Right Modifier keys in combination with the physical Right ⌥ key as KM triggers.


Keyboard Maestro's USB Device Key Trigger works just fine for me.

Although Karabiner-Elements gets this done at a lower level than Keyboard Maestro (or so I think).



The USB Device key trigger is best if we use it to trigger macros and limit to a specific device.

Karabiner-Elements can do more if we want to have more options, for example:

  1. In addition to limiting the remapping to a specific device, it can also remap the keys for all devices. This is useful for multiple keyboards.
  2. As shown in my previous post, If we remap a modifier key to a non-modifier key (or a mouse button), we can use it to work with the other modifier keys as KM triggers.
  3. As shown in my previous post, I can remap a modifier key to another modifier key (Left ⌥ to Right ⌥). I'm not sure KM can do it.

thank you community, for your prompt advice!

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Does it not work only for external keyboards?

I don't use mouse at all. Is it still achievable somehow?

Nyet. It works fine for me on both my MacBook Air's internal keyboard and my external Apple Magic keyboard.

This is easy to test...

So I tried and I could make KM to differentiate left command key from right command key.

The problem is, I am not being able to figure out how do I use this in combination of another key.
For instance, I wish to trigger macro 1 with left command + A and wish to trigger macro 2 with right command + A.

@fluid_eye Km can't do that. You need karabiner or BTT. BTT is better because the app offers more in other areas. But karabiner is free.

What is possible with KM: ⌘+a or ⌘+a+a or long press ⌘+a. It does not matter whether left or right cmd. This works with a multipress macro.