How to remap right click? + A few other questions

I am trying to remap right click to Q, here I have a screenshot on what my screen looks like.

When I try to right-click on the box that's under the 'This hot key', nothing happens. I can't input right click, and I can't seem to find an option for clicking. (I don't want to move the cursor or anything or click in a specific place. Just click.) Another thing I'm trying to do is after the first action, I want it to click again (not in a specific place, just 1 simple click.) but still, can't find an option to just click.

And lastly, how do I create a macro that whenever I press let's say, "M", it'll enable or disable a group of macros? Kind of like a toggle. I was able to disable the group, but I don't know how to re-enable it. I don't want to keep going back to the Maestro tab to re-enable the script when I need it.

I don't think it is possible to remap mouse clicks in KM.
However, you can trigger a macro on mouse buttons using the USB Device Key trigger (KM Wiki). Perhaps that will work for you.

You can use the Move or Click Mouse action (KM Wiki). Just choose the option for "Relative to current mouse position"

You can use the Set Macro or Group Enable action (KM Wiki) and choose the "Toggle" option:

In the future, please post questions about different subjects in separate topics.

I apologize. First time posting here. Thank you.

Im having trouble trying to register the right click.

I keep pressing right click in the box, but it this keep popping up. How do I know when the program registers the right click? Thanks again.

Edit: I am on a trackpad by the way. If that helps with anything.

As I said above, you can NOT remap (use as a trigger) either the right-click or left-click of the mouse. You will need to use other buttons on the mouse.

Sorry for missing that. Thanks for your help

As @JMichaelTX says, you can detect a mouse button press, but you cannot capture it. So you can detect the right mouse button being pressed with a USB Device Key trigger, but you cannot stop it’s normal action. So you’ll probably want to use a different trigger.