How to repeat a macro every 2:30h?


I’m trying to repeat a macro every 2h and 30 minutes using the “While Logged in” trigger.

  • I can’t set 2.5h.
  • I can’t use 150 minutes.
  • I can only use hours, minutes or seconds, not fractions.

How can you do it?

Thank you.


You can’t do it, although there is no good reason why you can’t, that field is just limited to a maximum of 100.

Probably the easiest way would be something like a 75 minute repeat, and have the macro only execute every other time, like this:

  • If variable “Which Time” is not “Skip”
    • Set Variable “Which Time” to “Skip”
    • Do stuff
  • Else
    • Set Variable “Which Time” to “Doit”

You might need another timed trigger to ensure the Which Time variable is reset to “Doit” at the start of each day if you care about whether the macro is run immediately or after 75 minutes.

Is there any particular reason to limit the field to 100? Why can’t we put 150 minutes or 900 seconds or 2.45 hours?

No, as I said, there is no good reason, it is just what the control is set to by default (0-100). I have changed in to 1-9999 for future version.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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