How to Repeat an Action

Often I have a large number of keystrokes to enter into a KM macro, e.g. arrow keystrokes or tab keystrokes. And it is tedious, sometimes, to keep track of the number of times a particular key is pressed. Specifically I want to enter 5 Tab keystrokes, followed by 2 Down-Arrow keystrokes, Enter, more tabs, more arrows, etc. It seems to me that the macro starts to look unnecessarily unwieldy. Surely there is a repeat command that will do this. But how does it work?

I know this is probably simple as pie. But if someone will briefly hold my newbie hand as I cross this street I would appreciate it.

Yes, there is a Repeat Action that does exactly this.

You can either drag the Action you want to repeat into the Repeat Action. Or you can select the Action you want to repeat, right-click and select Engroup>Repeat

The number of repeats can be a Variable, which can be very useful.[]=repeat

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Hey @Polyvox,

Keep in mind that you can search the Keyboard Maestro Editor's actions with:

  • Menu bar -- Actions > Show Actions
    • There's a search field in the actions panel.
  • Menu bar -- Edit > Insert Action > By Name...
    • Take note of all of the other menus that have a By Name option.
  • The Help Menu has a search field that will globally search through all the editor's menus.

If you search the Keyboard Maestro Wiki for "repeat" the very first item is the action you're looking for:


We don't mind handholding newbies on this forum, but we do like them to take some initiative.  :sunglasses:

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