How to Replace The Finder With PathFinder in @JMichaelTX's Zip and Move to Trash Macro

The late and brilliant @JMichaelTX wrote a very useful macro to zip and folder and its contents and send the contents to trash.

Zip Folder (& Sub-Folders) & Move to Trash

Everything works fine except that I want the macro to use the PathFinder or Forklift (another file manager) selected folder, not the Finder selected folder.

Thank you.

Hey @ronald,

This is doable but not trivial.

JM uses KM's Finder-Selection Collection in that macro, so you have to completely work around that to get things working in Path Finder or ForkLift.

Path Finder is barely AppleScriptable, and there are examples of getting the selection and working with it on the forum.

ForkLift has one command in its AppleScript suite, and it is useless for this endeavor.

You'll have to use the copy-path-to-clipboard menu command and work with that.


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thanks very much !

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