How to retrieve page number of PDF in Google Chrome PDF Viewer?

Hi, just found out that this app exists and I’m loving it! I’m working on my master thesis and have to do a lot of data collection and this is a real timesaver.

To even speed up more the process I am trying to retrieve the page number of the (PDF) page I am viewing in Google Chrome PDF Viewer. The URLs don’t contain the page number unfortunately and they don’t appear in the developer console as the PDF file is embedded in the page. It’s a bit of a longshot but does anyone have a good idea how to do this?

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hey Robert,

I don’t think this is at all possible in a web browser. You’ll need a better tool for the job such as Skim.

Skim is the most scriptable pdf viewer I know of.

tell application "Skim"
  tell front document
    set currentPageNum to current page
  end tell
end tell

Best Regards,

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