How to run 2 to 3 different macros one after another

Sometime ago, somebody very helpful help me create a pallet which essentially has five different buttons corresponding to 5 different macros. Is it possible for me to choose three buttons out of those five buttons, and then have macros corresponding to those three buttons one one after another. The order doesn't really matter. Although if I can specify the order it would be more helpful.

You can use the Semaphore Lock action to keep macros from running at the same time if you place it at the beginning of each macro and give it the same name across each macro.

The default timeout is 99 hours, so the first macro you select will lock the semaphore, and each subsequent macro would wait up to 99 hours for the first macro to finish (and therefore unlock the semaphore) before executing.

So you can select each macro you want to run (in whatever order you want them to run) and they will execute one after the other.


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