How to run Photoshop actions?

Photoshop offers configurable operating steps in the form of "actions (Adobe Help)". These are listed in a floating window (screenshot behind the link). I have not found a way to activate these actions via classic menus. How can I trigger such actions with a Keyboard Maestro macro?

Thank you for your help.

I actually have been doing this for years by giving the Photoshop Action a shortcut in its settings (Photoshop requires that it has to be a combination of a Function Key together with optional modifier keys):

And then using the Action Type a Keystroke in a Keyboard Maestro macro to run the Photoshop Action:

It works really well.


Thank you.

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You can and I do.

Natively, yes. I have too many actions and will run out of shortcuts.

But you can place your actions in the Script menu. You can use Keyboard Maestro to create a jsx file and place them in the script folder.

Also, you can have Keyboard Maestro use the select from menu action with a shortcut, you can run them from a prompt from list, a trigger by name, a palette, a voice command or select them from the Photoshop script menu.

Here is how mine look:

Running the action within the menu, from a Trigger by Name isolated to a Photoshop Action Group.

Photoshop Script Menu


That is interesting. Are you saying that you can somehow access native Photoshop Actions (i.e. the Actions that are listed in the Photoshop Actions Palette) from the Script Menu?

Another option could be to trigger the action with the Run Applescript action.



Indeed. I access actions this way as well (the animated gif shows how I access it). I use a text file that has the actions and action sets. With a prompt with list and the AppleScript, you can run them. It beats memorizing 200 plus shortcuts.

Edited: @qrt, @JimmyHartington, @Zabobon - Here is how I run my actions using AppleScript and KM.

As I said, I use a text file (Action Sets.txt) with Keyboard Maestro's Prompt with list. That way variables will do all the work for me. Please see the attached two macros (one is a subroutine that can be added within the main macro but I keep them separate for different reasons). I had to add some instructions before posting and trimmed some actions only associated with my workflow but you will get the gist.

I place these in a Photoshop Only Group.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Photoshop Actions Macros.kmmacros (21.4 KB)

Main Action (Screenshot):

Subroutine Screenshot

I hope this helps. @peternlewis and this Forum has made many of us reach Jedi level - in our own workflows.



That is exactly what I’m saying.

Edited to Add the Macro to create the JSX file.

Photoshop Action Menu Creator.kmmacros (9.6 KB)

Screenshot of the Macro

I placed an example, within the comment section.

Screenshot of the Action Set/Action in the Action Panel

Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 10.09.31 AM

Screenshot, of Action, located in the Script Menu


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