How to Run the Macro Trigger from Another Macro?

I have a long macro process called 'A', I want macro "B" triggered by macro 'A' when macro 'A' is running, this image is the macro 'B':

I guess the red line area is what I need, but why I can't select the trigger macro here?

You need to put an Execute Macro Action in Macro A at the point where you want it to start Macro B and choose Macro B from the dropdown list. Or, a simpler way is to actually drag Macro B onto the point in Macro A where you want it and the Action will be created automatically with Macro B pre-chosen.

Then when you look in that red line area you have shown, in Macro B it will no longer say "None". It will now say, "Execute a Macro" and clicking there will take you to the Macro that is calling it.

Is there a way that the macro A And macro B are run simultaneous´╝č The way that insert the ''Execute Macro'' the logic is finish the macro B process then run the other part of Macro A.

Yes. Use the gear dropdown menu to set the Execute Macro B Action to run Asynchronously. Macro A will keep running without waiting for Macro B to finish. So, both Macros will be running at the same time.

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Oh, I see.


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