How to Run The Zip Command Line Utility With a Password as a Shell Script?

I'm trying to run the zip utility via Execute Shell Script, but I cannot get the syntax right. Please help.

ZIP with password.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

The -e will prompt you to enter a password. There's no way to do that when you're using Keyboard Maestro.

You could use --password but that is insecure, and storing it in Keyboard Maestro is also insecure.

I suppose you could prompt for a password into a Keyboard Maestro local variable and use that, knowing it would be discarded as soon as the macro finishes. If you're the only user of your Mac, that's not horribly insecure.


If you're going to do this often and want to reuse the same password you can put it in the KeyChain and access it with Keyboard Maestro.