How to search for macro by exact name (not name contains)?


I am writing a macro to open a specific macro in keyboard maestro. I use the macro to create RTF links to open macros in the KBM editor in documents. It works fine for macro groups, but get into problems to goto specific macros.

The fastest way I could find is

  • activate KBM
  • goto Group (ie the group containing the macro)
  • find using the name of the macro.

my problem is that a few macros contain the words DevonThink HELP.

How do I enter the macro name in the search box so that only the macro with the EXACT name DevonThink HELP is displayed in the results.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Hey @ronald,

manual:Search Strings [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

Search for:

name:"DevonThink HELP"


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Hi @ronald, here's another option that might work for you. You can jump straight to a macro to edit it using AppleScript.

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
	editMacro "insert your macro name here"
end tell

You might be able to use this in conjunction with your RTF links to jump straight to the macro without having to use the extra steps of pausing, keystrokes and menu conditions.

You could also trigger it using the macro's UUID which can be obtained by clicking the "Or by script" below the trigger options, selecting "Or by AppleScript" and copying the alphanumeric string that I have highlighted in my example screenshot below. This is a unique UUID to each macro and doesn't change even if you change the name, so it might be a better option if you occasionally rename your macros and can't remember where you have AppleScripts embedded that point to said macros.


thank you very much Chris. I was using the wrong type of quotes.

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Your macro is ... fantastic ! thank you so much !

It gives me the ideal solution to creating recursive self referential app specific Help macros.

For my complicated apps (DevonThink, Scrivener), I have a KBM shortcut to call up a HELP window (just a KM “display window”, where I basically list shortcuts I tend to forget and all kinds of app specific complicated features and procedures.

The problem is that while I am working in the app, I often want to edit the content of the help window, which is not possible.

Forum members had suggested I simply display a window in an RTF editor, but this is not possible because it has to be a floating window.

Thanks to your macro, the first line of my Help window is a recursive link to open the Help macro in KBM which allows me to edit its content.

Hey that's great, I'm so glad it works for you.

Sounds like you're building a similar macro to one I used to use to pull up a display window showing me some of my less frequently used macros.

I also have a macro that stores customer information and pastes it into my notes when I receive a call. When I need to update this macro to add new customer info I use the example I gave you to jump directly to that macro in the editor.

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that's very sophisticated. I never thought you could go that far.
thanks again

I don't know if your name is in reference to Homer of ancient Greece. The Iliad is one of my favorite books.

Oh believe me, this is just the surface of what you can do with Keyboard Maestro!

No, it's just a combination of of some of my name's initials.

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