How to search the same keyword in multiple websites by refreshing the pages?

When I'm finding a definition for a word, I like to open multiple dictionary websites so that I can pick my favorite definition and example of the word, that's why I really hope to find a solution to my problem.

Currently, I use the workflow I created in Alfred to do that.
I will pass a parameter and it will open four websites with the {query} keyword, e.g. "{query}". But the downside for this workflow is that it will always open four websites, so my browser tab will easily become quite cluttered.

I want to find a way to only open new websites if it doesn't exist in the browser. If the website is already opened, just refresh it with the updated keyword that I want to search.
So that instead of opening another four pages, it will just refresh the pages that's already open with the new query string. But I have no idea how to achieve that so I wish someone can help me with it, thanks!

Which browser are you using or it does not matter to you?

I'm using Chrome for this workflow for now because I also use another Chrome extension that allows me to download the audio for the pronunciation easily.
So I prefer to use it in Chrome, but if it is too hard to achieve in Chrome, Safari is ok for me too.