How to Select a Menu With Wildcards?

I have been trying to graduate from Adobe Photoshop, and am giving the outstanding new Acorn version 7 a try. Since my fingers can't be retrained to do certain keyboard shortcuts after 30+ years of using Photoshop, I always use KM to select the menus my fingers expect, instead of whatever the developers have put in place. Usually this works well, but in Acorn there are layer names in the "delete layer" and "duplicate layer" which are mucking up my efforts.

Is there any way to select a menu with a wild card, or "select the first menu that meets these guidelines"? If nothing else, can I select menu item 7 of menu 6? Here's a screenshot of what the menus look like

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 3.48.50 PM

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If you look at the wiki part way down the page it says:

"Alternatively, you can start the name with an ^ and use a regular expression to match the menu."



would pick out the Duplicate Layer "Bitmap Layer 8" item using the Select or Show a Menu Item action.

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Perfect, thank you!!

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I was going to post this question, but I checked the forum first! In my case, I wanted to be able to jump from one screen to the next in the Screen Sharing app. If I'm controlling a desktop Mac from my laptop, I will generally see just one screen at a time. It got tiresome using the View menu to switch from one screen to another, so I used a menu shortcut for it.

BUT I have more than one mac with multiple monitors...

One Mac has these monitors:

Display 1: 1920x1080
Display 2: 1920x1080
Display 3: 1280x800

And the other Mac has these monitors:

Display 1: 1344x1008
Display 2: 1280x800

The first time I tried controlling the 2nd Mac, I noticed my shortcuts didn't work, because the menus aren't the same. And then I came across the idea of menu wildcards, and I found this post in the forum.

So now my menu shortcuts use this:

^Display 1:
^Display 2:
^Display 3:

Thanks for the help!

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