How to Select a Tag(s) and Set it to a file

Hello, everyone. First post.

I have ~1000 files that need multiple tags each. I’ve already used Hazel to tag entire folders with appropriate tags. Now I need to review each file individually to add additional tags as needed.

My question builds on this post: Tag Selected Files

The first macro works fine for me…however, is there a way to allow me to choose multiple tags on a file-by-file basis?

I think the workflow would go like this:

  1. Select file(s)
  2. Hotkey to run macro
  3. Keyboard Maestro shows all available tags of type [*, e.g., [workplans, [processes, [comms
  4. Select all applicable tags
  5. Keyboard Maestro assigns tags

If this is not possible, I could probably just create a macro for each possible tag and run multiple macros on each file selection.

Thank you!

I’d suggest looking at the following post:

Thanks for the response, NaOH, but I’m not sure if it answers my question.

I’d like to choose the specific tags to be assigned each time I run the macro, per steps 3 and 4 of my desired workflow. For instance, on one file selection I might choose to add only [processes and on another selection to add both [processes and [pharma.

This might not be possible, but would certainly be more elegant than creating a separate macro for each possible tag.

Or am I missing something?


Use the Prompt for User Input action to ask which tags yo include. Perhaps use checkboxes to select the tags.

As long as the set of tags is not too long (say ten) then a list of ten checkboxes would work ok.

Thanks, Peter! That worked like a champ.