How to select from a dropdown list ON A WEBSITE


suppose we are looking at this website:

In the top left, if we want to select doc2 or doc4 :

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 04.07.22

How could we do that?

(without recording the mouse / pointer co-ordinates -- i would want this macro to work across my Macs)

I am using Chrome so the Front Browser Control actions work just fine.


You could be lucky that the Press a Button Action interacts well with your website.

The KM11 feature of scanning for buttons makes it allot easier to find what buttons might be available. It can be a tip to close all other tabs but the one holding your website before scanning. And if you press ⌥ option while clicking the "Button ˅" you'll get an alphabetised list, which can make it allot easier to find your menu. The setting to "Wait For Enabled Button" can also be a very nice one to use, but when testing here I found an additional pause (.3 seconds in my example) was needed on top of this.

Interaction with a menu on a website.kmmacros (3.7 KB)

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