How to select Insert Token of active action without image recognition?

If I am here working on an action :

How can I focus highlight this button :

So it shows and then I can keyboard search what I want to add. Perhaps there is an applescript for it or JXA available.

Thank you for any help.

Where there is a menu item for "Search for Actions by Name", there is no corresponding item for Tokens and Functions. (@peternlewis, consider this a feature request for same.)

But you can get them by menu:

This KM Action will open the KM menu to Tokens, and you can use the keyboard from there, typing the first few letters and arrow keys:

Of course you can put this Action in a Macro with whatever trigger you like.

Same approach works for Functions.

This works only when menu bar is shown. Since I keep my menu bar always hidden, how can I make this work?

Is there a way to show the menu bar briefly or jump to that menu bar item whilst still having menu bar hidden?

You can set menu bar to autohide in system preferences -> general

Thank you.

I don't have a clue -- I always show my menu bar.
You could search for an AppleScript to toggles the menu bar, and put that in the macro.

The alternative is to type a % and then press F5 to cause type completion.

This is pretty cool. But I would think it would actually let me autocomplete what I start typing. Right now it just dismisses :frowning:

Peter, is there any way to get a list of tokens in a script, so that we could pass it to something like @DanThomas’ Spotlight Search macro? That would be awesome!

Something like this you mean?

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Yesss. That would be so awesome. :yellow_heart:

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